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Atlantis: The Beginning J.A. Harris

Atlantis: The Beginning

J.A. Harris

Kindle Edition
182 pages
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 About the Book 

A civilization lost in time and wiped from the pages of our history have left the world with unanswered questions about what happened to the people of Atlantis.J.A. Harris provides an interesting new perspective on the history of our species as he takes us on an incredible journey through the ageless battle of Good vs. Evil.When Jace is found covered in blood he begins to tell how hes discovered the lost civilization of Atlantis. He claims that an Atlantean named Cyrus has shown him the true stories of human history.Jace experiences Cyruss life as if he were living it for himself while he discovers the origin of God, relives the life of Jesus, and witnesses Mohammed recieve the messages of the Koran. Cyrus warns the people of Earth to prepare for their impending demise as the return of Atlantis will unleash armageddon.